Terasem’s “Macro-Bushido” Principles

The Seven Principles of Bushido:

GI(Rectitude): Autonomously reaching a reasoned decision.


YUUKI(Courage): Taking one’s decision into action without regard for personal consequences.

JIN(Benevolence): Empathizing with the feelings of others

REI(Politeness): Disciplining oneself to respect procedures that show respect for the feelings of others.

MAKOTO(Veracity): Absolute commitment to honesty


MEIYO(Honor): Doing nothing to disparage another’s name. Obeying the precepts.


CHUUGI(Loyalty): Obeisance to a hierarchy of governance.

These seven principles are the underpinnings of the Samurai moral code. They are also the basis of an article by Martine Rothblatt (2006) in the Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness entitled “Macro-Bushido: A Geoethical Consciousness for an Info-Cultural Age

Would these principles be effective in ensuring robots of the future behaved ethically?

Have your say below.

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