European Union’s Convention on Roboethics 2025


Following the ratification of this Convention:

Resolution 1: Member-states will establish Standards Committees to determine technical and legal rules for commercial robots. While full details of these rules will be subject to the contexts and requirements of each member states legislature, this Convention stipulates that the following elements must be included as part of an International Minimum Standard of Quality.

Resolution 2: Roboethics will be introduced as a field of investigation of the European Group of Ethics

Resolution 3: The E.U will establish a Roboethics Special Interest Group (RSI) to specialize in the area of roboethics, its implementation and regulation.

Article 1: E.U Standards

The following must be implemented across all robot types.

1.1 Safety: Design of all robots must include provisions for control of the robot’s autonomy. Operators should be able to limit robots autonomy in scenarios in which the robots behaviour cannot be guaranteed

1.2 Security: Design of all robots must include as a minimum standard the hardware and software keys to avoid illegal use of the robot.

1.3 Traceability: Design of all robots must include provisions for the complete traceability of the robots’ actions, as in an air craft’s ‘black-box’ system.

1.4  Identifiability: All robots must be designed with protected serial and identification numbers.

1.5 Privacy: Design of all robots potentially dealing with sensitive personal information must be equipped with hardware and software systems to encrypt and securely store this private data.

Article 2: Advanced Production Systems

2.1 Governments must put welfare systems in place to facilitate workers reconversion should they be made redundant through technological innovation or replacement by automated systems.

2.2 Member states must offer education and training in the skills necessary to shift displaced workers into new roles.

Article 3: Robot Servants

3.1 Member states must conform to agreed safety and security standards for the production of adaptive robot servants.

3.2 Member states are required to establish a system to monitor and other wise assist in maintaining the mental health of individuals who remain in the care of robot servants.

Article 4: Outdoor robotics

4.1 Member-states should set up an independent regulatory authority, the purpose of which is to ensure that environmental considerations are being met by users and manufacturers of outdoor robots.

4.2 Manufacturers must produce and update environmental impact statements on outdoor robots for the purposes of the regulatory authority.

Article 5: Health Robotics

5.1 Member-states must establish a cross-committee in including members of the robotics and bioethics communities.

5.2 This cross-committee must ensure that the highest safety standards and security standards are being met.

Article 6: Military Robotics

6.1 Military robots must comply with international regulations.

6.2 Member-states must endeavor to promote critical thinking and awareness among robotics scientists involved in military projects to sharpen their monitoring of potential threats to mankind.

Article 7: Edutainment Robotics

7.2 The effects of robotics in students’ learning must be regularly monitored.

7.3 Psychological assessment of the effect of robots on early childhood development must be conducted regularly.

7.3 Consumer organizations should monitor the quality of educational robotic products, bearing in mind Article 1 of this convention.


The “Convention” above was created based on the Recommendations of the EURON Roboethics Roadmap (Veruggio 2006) DOWNLOAD FULL DOCUMENT

Would a set of conventions such as the ones listed above be adequate to ensure robot design is safe and ethical? What would you add?

Have your say below.

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